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ZOHO Mail offers a unique email address that fits and blend to any works of life and profession. So if you are in search of a unique email address that matches your profession, business or anything at all that you need a suiting email address for, then Zoho Mail is the best platform for that. Lets us get started with Zoho mail domain pricing plan Review.

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Zoho mail Domain Pricing Review | What are its Features

The Zoho Mail helps businesses and enterprises to set up, create and use their custom domain-based email addresses for business communications. Zoho offers Secure and professional email for your business and profession that suits virtually all human endeavours.

However, the domain are not for free they are paid domain. Furthermore, Zoho offers two class of Custom Domain based Account pricing and the are:

Zoho Workplace Pricing

The Zoho Workplace is a collaboration software that provides a complete set of solutions that not only helps you collaborate but also create and communicate with your teams. It consist of apps on email, document management, presentation, chat and other communication tools in one platform.

Below is the pricing of Zoho Workplace Pricing:

The Zoho Workforce pricing is divided into three categories:

  • Mail Only Plan: This plan is priced at $1 being billed for user month/annually. If you want to learn more, kindly Click Here
  • Standard Pricing: This plan is priced at $3 for Month/annually. It also comes with 30 GB that is allotted per user. Click Here to Learn More
  • Professional Plan: The professional plan is priced at $6 for Month/annually. It also comes with 100 GB that is allotted per user. Click Here to Learn More

Zoho Mail Pricing

The Zoho Mail provides the best in class email experience for personal and organization users with its extensive features and customization options.

Zoho Mail provides the following categories of Services and Below are the pricing of Zoho Mail Pricings:

  • Mail Lite: The mail lite pricing is offered at $1 for users month billed/ annually. It also come with 5GB memory space per each user. To learn more, please follow the Link here.
  • Mail Workplace: The mail workforce is priced for $3 for users month billed/ annually. It also come with with lots of other enticing features. If you want to learn more, please follow the Link here.
  • Mail Premium: The mail Premium is an upgrade of the Mail lite. It is priced for $4 for users month billed/ annually. It also come 50GB memory space per each user. Lastly if you want to learn more, please follow the Link here.

How to Sign Up for Zoho Mail Account | Types of Account

Zoho Mail offers two main class of email service and they are:

  • Personal Account
  • Domain Business Account

Whereas the personal account is free the Domain Business Account is not free.
Lets get started with how to Sign up for those Account.

Steps to Sign up for Personal Account

If you just need the Zoho Mail Account only for personal communications, then the Personal Account is best suited for you. So kindly follow the steps that will be shown here to create your personal account.

  • You will be required to choose a unique username, and to provide a mobile number that is active and accessible for verification purposes.
  • You will also be required to provide some details like username and password, etc.
  • After this, a confirmation code will be sent to the mobile you provided.
  • Kindly, copy the confirmation code and paste it in the required column to verify your Zoho Account.
  • Lastly, after the verification process, you will be redirected to your Zoho mailbox.
  • Congratulations, You will be able to send emails only from a verified account. To create a Free Personal Account, please follow the link below: https://www.zoho.com/mail/zohomail-pricing.html

Sign Up to Zoho Mail

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Steps on How to Sign up for Domain Business Account

After checking the prices of the Zoho mail and you want to sign up, then follow the guides here and sign up:

1.  Go to the Zoho Mail Sign-up page via link https://www.zoho.com/mail/

2.  On the sign up page, click on the SIGN UP NOW button.

3.  Once you click on the sign-up option, you will will be redirected to the Pricing & Sign Up page. This is where you will get comprehensive price plans of Zoho Mail.

4.  Kindly select the right pricing plan that fits your organization’s preference and then click on the Sign Up button.

5.  After this, two options will appear for to configure your email with Zoho. The option will display the following question? “Sign up with a Domain you already own” or you can “Buy a new Domain for your Business”.

See image below for reference:

Zoho Mail

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6.  If you already have a domain, simply select the first option and click on the red Add button as shown in the image

7.  If you don’t have a domain, then select the “Buy a new Domain for your Business”,

8.  Enter the domain you wish to purchase. If the domain is available, click on the Buy Domain button to continue

9. In the next stage, you will be meant to fill some information. Do this and click on the “Sign Up” button.

10.  A verification code will be sent to to the mobile number you provided.

11.  Next, enter the verification code which will be sent by Zoho to your mobile number. This step is important in order to verify your identity.

12.   The next stage is the payment process where you will choose how you want to make payments. Kindly follow the Instruction that will be given to you to complete your Account Creation.

Finally, Zoho also offers 15-day free trial for Professional plan that requires No credit card. So if you are ready to check out this trail version, kindly use the link below to Try Now

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Thank you so much for making time to read this article on Zoho mail domain pricing plan Review. However, if you have any question, please do make use of the comment box below and contact us.


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