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Are you searching for the Alternatives to the Zendesks’ Customer Service Software? If yes, Then the Purpose of this article is give you a complete list of the Top 5 Best Zendesk Customer Service Softwares Alternatives.

We have carefully selected the very best for you. So all you need o do is to carefully follow the details as contained in this article.

Brief Review of Zendesk Customer Service Software

Zendesk Inc. is a customer service software company that is based in San Francisco, California, USA. The company specializes in the developing of Customer Service Support Software and Ticketing System. It offers a Cloud-based help desk solution that is used and liked by more than 200000 organizations worldwide.

Zendesk offers eight major customer service support softwares and they includes the following:

  1. The Zendesk Support
  2. Zendesk Guide
  3. The Zendesk Chat
  4. Zendesk Talk
  5. The Zendesk Connect
  6. Zendesk Explore
  7. The Zendesk Sell
  8. The Zendesk Suite

To see the Complete Pricing Plans of Zendesk Customer Service Softwares and Reviews, kindly follow the Link Here.

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Top 5 Best Zendesk Alternatives Open Source | Customer Service Softwares

In this phase of this article, we shall provide for you the Top 5 Best Zendesk Customer Service Software Alternatives. We shall briefly discuss each of them and then give you a link to see their pricing or their reviews.

Below are the List of the Alternatives to Zendesk Customer Service Softwares:

  1. Zoho Desk
  2. Freshdesk
  3. Kayako
  4. Snap Engage
  5. Happyfox

Zoho Desk Software

The Zoho Office Suite consists of numerous productivity and business softwares including a customer management software called the ‘Zoho Desk’

Zoho Desk provides a customer service and relationship management softwares that helps to engage customer and improve quality support service.

Furthermore, The Zoho Desk Customer Service Software has three plans and they include:

  • Free Plan
  • Professional and
  • Enterprise.

To See More Details About the Zoho Desk Pricing Plans and Reviews, Kindly use the link here and view a complete guide.

See the Image below for more guides:

Zoho Desk Plans

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Freshdesk Customer Service Software

The Freshdesk Customer Service Management Software is developed and designed by Freshworks. Freshdesk provides a helpdesk tool that allows businesses and companies to handle customer queries and resolve complaints by means of a ticketing system.

If you ask us, we highly recommend Freshdesk as one of the best help desk software best suited for small businesses and even large ones. This is because, freshdesk has a pricing plan that balances cost as well as features that fits businesses need.

Furthermore, Freshdesk has 5 plans which differs in price and ranges from $0 to $99 per agent per month. All these plans are Affordable and has Elegant Omni-channel Helpdesk features like Email, chat, phone, social  that keeps you there for your customers, wherever they are.

Lastly, to See the Complete Pricing Plans and Review of Freshdesk Customer Service Software, Kindly follow the link here.

See the Image below for more guides and reference:

Freshdesk Pricing plan

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Kayako Helpdesk Solution.

Kayako is a customer service software company that is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The company builds and designs customer service and help desk software which businesses use to engage, speak to and support their customers.

Furthermore, the Kayako Helpdesk Software is a full suite of tools that includes live chat software that is quick and easy to integrate. Thus, making the Kayako Helpdesk Solutions easy and affordable to use. The Software allows companies of all sizes to provide exceptional customer service in many languages across live chat, email, social medias.

Finally, Kayako Helpdesk Solutions has both free and paid plans. To See the Complete Pricing Plan and Reviews of the Kayako Helpdesk Solutions, please use the link here.

See the Image below for more guides and reference:

Kayako Helpdesk Solutions Alternative

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Happyfox Helpdesk Solutions

The Help Desk Solutions crafted by HappyFox is one of the world’s most flexible customer service Solutions and Live Chat software built help in customer service relation.

Happyfox provides an Online help desk software and a web based support ticket system that manages customer and Business relationship.The Software can also Schedule a One-on-One Demo to help you take a look at what you want to purchase.

Furthermore, HappyFox is used by 2,000 companies in 70+ countries that span across education, media, eCommerce, retail, information technology etc. Interestingly, HappyFox help desk has been rated as the Best Help Desk Software by PC Mag.

Lastly, If you wish to View the Complete Pricing Plan and Reviews of the HappyFox Helpdesk Solutions, kindly use the link here.

See the image below for guides and reference:

Happyfox Helpdesk

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Snap Engage Customer Service Solution

Snap Engage is a premier conversation platform for customer engagement and relationship. The software is built to improve customer satisfaction and retain more customers. It is a software that gives your customers the exceptional experiences they deserve.

Furthermore, with Snap Engage’s sales solutions, companies and business can engage and boost customer satisfaction and lower cost-per-interaction.

Lastly, Snap Engage offers Free Trial Options and the Paid Plans. So if you wish to see the Complete Pricing Plan of the Snap Engage Customer Service Solution Software, Please use the link above.

See the Image below for more guides and reference:

Snap Engage Zendesk Alternative

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