The purpose of this article is to teach you about Salesforce Developer Login and Sign up. We shall also teach you how to Recover your password or username. Are you aware that Salesforce has two types of Account? With this article, you will about them.

The Salesforce Platform provides the best platform to create and scale trusted apps which attracts customers and boast acceptability.

The platforms helps you build a powerful, fast and smarter applications with Lightning Components. With Einstein alongside Salesforce DX, you are on your way to building a salable Application. All you need is the simple drag and drop technique of Salesforce.

Furthermore, there are two main types of Salesforce Account. Below are these Account.

  • Salesforce Personal Account


  • Salesforce Business Account

Salesforce Personal Account

The personal accounts are used to store information about any individual. It may be any customer like the shopper, traveler, student, gym member, or any other person. This type of account is suitable for B2C industries.

In Salesforce, person account is available in the developer, performance, enterprise, and unlimited editions. It can be used for both versions of Salesforce Classic and the Salesforce Lightning.

Salesforce Business Account

Salesforce Business Account is used to store the details of Companies and entities. They are suitable for B2B industries. More so, this type of account is available in some editions like: performance, enterprise, and unlimited editions.

Furthermore, every Salesforce Account by default is a business account until you configure to fit your business requirements.

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How To Create Salesforce Developer Account Guide

To create Salesforce account please follow the steps below:

  • To create a developers account, go to
  • Click on the “Sign Up” button which is at the top right hand corner of the Homepage.
  • Carefully fill in your personal information and other details in the registration page. Below are some of the information you will provide: First and last name, your email address, your company name, country and postal code.  ( Make sure that your username is in the email format)
  • Click on the sign me up button to proceed.
  • An email will be sent to the  Email address you provided.
  • Now activate your account by clicking the link provided in the email.
  • Open you mail and click on the Link. The link logs you into the site.
  • Finally, Set a password to your account and continue.

See the image below for reference:

Salesforce Developer Login

Salesforce Developer Login – How To Login Salesforce Developer account

Learn how to sign into your Salesforce developer account following this Salesforce Developer Login step by step guide.

  • Proceed to
  • Enter your Salesforce developer edition username in the first space provided.
  • Enter your Salesforce developer edition password in the second space.
  • Click on the Login Button to sign into your account. See the image below for reference.

Salesforce Developer Login

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Lastly, Are you having issues accessing your Account because of wrong password and username? If yes, then, Follow this link below to reset your password immediately. How to Recover my Sales developer Login Password

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