Paypal is an American based Online Financial Firm that enables continental financial transaction among individuals and between Business organisation and other Firm or business organisation. It offers secure online transaction. Thus the reason for its preference by the Business Community. Lets get started Paypal Account Login now

With Paypal Account, you can transfer money online from anywhere within some seconds. All you need to begin this process is an email Address which shall be for Account Creation and and for Login.

Previously, I have discussed on Paypal Account Opening. There I taught on How to create Paypal Account and How to Contact Paypal Customer Support Center. So if you don’t have Account yet, kindly Click Here to the type of Account available for you.

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However, in this article, I shall be teaching you how to log into your Paypal Personal and Business Account. We shall also teach you how to Rest and Recover your Password and Usersname in case you loose any of them.

Paypal Account Login |

To get started with Paypal Login process, kindly follow the guides below:

  • Visit Paypal Official Homepage @ WWW.Paypal.Com 
  • Click on the Login Icon at the top Right hand corner of the Homepage
  • Enter your Email Address or Phone Number in the Box provided.
  • Then Click on the Next Button

Note: The email address or phone number must be the one associated with Paypal Account

  • Enter your Paypal Password in the page that will open. After this, Click the Login Button.

See image below for guide:

Paypal Account Login







This Action will take you to your Account. But if any of the details you enter above are wrong, you will be prevented from accessing your Account.

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How to Rest or Recover Paypal Login Password.

If you’ve forgotten your PayPal Password and remember your email address, then no need to worry. Kindly follow these steps to regain access to your account immediately.

  • Go to Paypal Log In Page @ Paypal Password Rest
  • Click on the “Having Trouble Logging In ?” Button
  • Then enter the email Address you use for PayPal Account and click Next.
  • At this stage, Kindly confirm your Identity by selecting a means to verify your Identity
  • Select how you want to recover your password, and then click Next.

Note: You’ll be shown some options such as Have us call you, Receive a text, Receive an email, Answer your security questions, Confirm through Facebook Messenger or Confirm your identity using Google.

Resetting Your Password Through Have Us Call You

  • If the option you choose is “Have us call you”, A code will appear your screen. Kindly use the code when you get our call.
  • Lastly, Create a new password. Do that and confirm it by entering it a second time.

Resetting Your Password by Receive a Text

  • If you the option you choose is “Receive a text”, A 6-digit security code will be sent to your mobile device.. Enter same in the option provided and click Next.
  • Finally, you will be required to create a new password. Do this and confirm it by entering it a second time.

Resetting Your Password by Receiving an Email

  • If you choose to Receive an email as your recovery option, 6-digit security code will be sent to your email
  • Enter the 6 digit Security Code and click Continue.
  • Confirm your Card number.
  • Lastly, create a new password and confirm it by entering it a second time.

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However, To make your PayPal password STRONG, it should be 8-20 characters long and include at least one number or symbol. For instance Something like this.  (Techplu2824xy!!)

Finally, We wish to thank you for reading our article today on Paypal Account Login.

Hope it was helpful. But if you still need help or you want to ask a question, kindly use the Comment Box below.


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