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Paychex is an American recognized leader in payroll and in Human Resource Industry. Founded in 1971 by Thomas B Galisano, the company provides and simplifies payroll outsourcing for easy access to small, medium and large companies.
Finally, the company offers an ever-growing variety of payroll and human resource products and services that help clients do what they do best — run their business. Lets get started with Paychex Flex Customer Service Number Now

Furthermore the purpose of this article, is to teach the various and the most secured ways of contacting the Customer representative of Paychex Support Team. Giving the nature of the service offered by the company, there are obvious reasons to make contact with Paychex. Hence the purpose of this article. So if this brief introductions looks like what you are looking for, the kindly follow the guides as contained in this article.

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How to Contact Support Via Phone

The Paychex customer Support is designed and built for both clients and employees. So whether you are an employee or a customer, there ways to get the support you need.  Lastly, this is very important to guide you on the right channel to make your complains and inquiry.

How to Contact Paychex Payroll Customer Support as a Client

In case you want to contact Paychex Flex Customer support through phone, kindly go through the details below to select the options that suit your purpose.

  • To contact Paychex for Online Ledgers issues, Please call 1-877-456-6317
  • If you want to contact Paychex for your Online Reports, Please call 1-888-246-7500
  • To contact Paychex  for PST 1000 Time Clock Issues, kindly call 1-877-234-1851
  • To contact Paychex for your Time/Labor Issues, please call  1-866-933-3185
  • If you want to contact Paychex for HR Essentials inquries and issues, please call 1-877-405-5877
  • For your Online Employee Access, Kindly Call 1-800-820-5810
  • For general HR Solutions, please quickly call 1-800-741-6277

How to Ccontact Paychex for your Clients Benefits Customer Support

  • For your 401K/Retirement, Please quickly call  1-800-472-0072
  • To get help with FSA, kindly call  1-800-472-0072
  • As a Paychex Employees, you can call 1-877-244-1771
  • Paychex Employers:  1-800-472-0072
  • If you want to contact Paychex for your Employee Benefits, please call  1-877-244-1771
  • To call the Corporate Office, quickly dial  1-585-385-6666

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How to Contact Paychex Customer Support through Email

The Paychex customer email support is one of the most secured way to resolve your issues or get general help with the company. However, as a security tip,Do not send your social security number or your personal financial information wile using email. This is because the Email forms and addresses are not secure and should not be used for sending such information. Finally, you may not also know who may have access to the email on the other end. Thus, your financial security is of  important.

To get started with contact Paychex via email, please follow the links below. However, note that the email support exist for both Employers and Employers. Kindly make your options below.

How to get support Via the Official Website

The official webpage of Paychex is full of helpful resources to help resolve your issues. To if you wish to  use this medium, please follow the guides below.

  • Visit on your web browser.
  • Scroll down and click on the Support button @ the Contact Us Box
  • Then follow the subsequent guides that will be given to you.

However, see the image below for guides.

Paychex Flex Customer Service Number

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Finally, you can also resolve and issues and get help or support by visiting any Paychex Office near you. So to locate any Paychex Office near you, just click on the link below: This will help you look through the list a nearest location.

Thank you so much for reading our article today on Paychex Flex Customer Service Number. But in case you still need any other thing, Please make use of the comment box below for your questions and contributions. We shall greatly value them.



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