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We wish to inform you that we had previously written an article about How to Create Paychex Flex Account and also how to login to Paychex Flex account. However, due to some of the queries that we received concerning Paychex Customer Service Number. We have decided to give our readers a comprehensive list of Paychex customer service support Numbers.


Paychex, Inc. is an American provider of payroll, human resource, and benefits outsourcing services for small- to medium-sized businesses.

Consequently, the report May 31, 2017, show that the  the company has over One hundred (100) offices which is serving approximately 605,000 payroll clients.

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Paychex Customer service number – How to Contact Paychex Support Service

The Paychex customer care is a well order division of Paychex that offers service information and care to both clients and employees.

Paychex Customer Care offers Client Admin Support and contact information for help with Paychex Flex payroll, time and attendance, health and benefits, and more.

Thus, in case you need Support to help run your business as Paychex Client, kindly contact paychex customer care because they are reliable.

Below are list of Paychex Payroll Client Customer Service

  1. Online Ledgers: 1-877-456-6317
  2. Online Reports: 1-888-246-7500
  3. PST 1000 Time Clock Issues: 1-877-234-1851
  4. Time/Labor Issues: 1-866-933-3185
  5. Human Resources Client Customer Service
  6. HR Essentials: 1-877-405-5877
  7. Online Employee Access: 1-800-820-5810
  8. HR Solutions: 1-800-741-6277
  9. Benefits Clients Customer Service
  10. 401K/Retirement: 1-800-472-0072
  11. FSA: 1-800-472-0072
  12. Paychex Employees: 1-877-244-1771
  13. Paychex Employers: 1-800-472-0072
  14. Benefits Employee Customer Service: 1-877-244-1771
  15. Corporate Office: 1-585-385-6666

Finally, make sure the numbers are correctly copied. Do not in any way disclose your personal security details while contacting Paychex Customer Care.

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Paychex Customer Service Number Email

Paychex not only offers you an opportunity to call their Customer care, they also provided an email platform where client can address and complains or request through an email to the company.

Note however, that Paychex is a strict sense warns their customers not to disclose security or confidential information through their email platform.

This means that you should NOT include your social security number or any personal financial information in the email.

This is because there is clearly no way of knowing who may have access to the email on the other end, so protecting yourself is extremely important.

At this juncture, We would love to also inform you that you can also contact Paychex through Email. So if you prefer to contact them via email, Below are the two kinds of email support Service offered by Paychex.

However, Note that your choice is dependent on the type of business you have with Paychex payroll

Official Website

To connect to the official site of Paychex, kindly click on

Furthermore, If you aresearching for the address or contact information of your local Paychex office, kindly visit and look through the list for the nearest location.

Reminder: Do not include your social security number or any personal financial information in the email or during a phone call.

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Finally, thank you for reading our article on Paychex Customer Service Number.

With this article, we believe you can now contact and access support from Paychex Customer Service.

However, if you still have any contributions or questions question, kindly make use of the comment box below.


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