Ford has lots of benefits and dividends for their staffs. However, yo can only access these benefits and dividends through For this reason, we advice you read on to learn about myfordbenefits Sign in.

Thus, by this arrangement, retired employees of Ford Company can login and access lots of retirement benefits offered by the company.


myfordbenefits Sign in

Furthermore, Ford company did lunched MyFordBenefits Retirees Login for their Employee as a Login Portal for accessing post employment benefits and cares.

Note that the site is not only for retired employees but also for working employees wherein they interact with the companies benefits for working staffs.

Above all, this article will show and teach you some very simple steps which will help you have a smooth and quick access to MyFordBenefits Account. Kindly follow this simple step to step guides contained here.

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About Ford | Myfordbenefits Sign In

Ford Motor Company is an American worldwide automaker company based in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. It was established and incorporated by Henry Ford on June 16, 1903.

Additionally, the company sells autos and business vehicles under the Ford brand and most extravagance or luxury vehicles under the Lincoln brand.

Ford Motor Company Pension Fund

Ford Pension Arm is a wing is the division that carries out the investment strategies of the Ford Motor Company which has up to $30 billion resources in their administration till date.

This wing is based in Dearborn, Michigan. It encourages the company to keep up the corporate pension fund and furthermore deals with the methodologies to put resources into different resources including the corporate money and investment.

Kindly contact the Ford Pension Wing using the following contacts below:

  • Phone: 313 323 7272
  • Address: One American Road Dearborn, MI 48126-2798 United States.

Ford Retiree – Medical Plan Options in 2019

The company has introduced four new ford plan for the Pre-Medical Eligible Retirees. The new plans ensures greater flexibility to see the doctor you choose at your will. The ford online login plans are listed as follows:

  • The first plan is ——–PPO 2000 + HSA
  • The second plan is —–PPO 2500
  • The third plan is ——-PPO 1000
  • The fourth plan is ——PPO 1350 + HSA

Therefore, it implies that you could likewise open a Health Savings Account so you don’t have to stress over the present and future medical costs as an employee of Ford Motors.

Thus, with the new therapeutic or medical plans, the old plans like BMP, FMP and CMP alternatives will be changed.

Enrollment for New Retiree Medical Plans 2019

Enrolling into Ford Retiree Medical Plan is a bit easy and expedient. This is why Ford encourages all the retirees to review all the options and choose from the new plans that suit them as retirees.

However, old medical plan will are automatically enrolled for customers who did not register for the new medical plans.

How can you Enroll in 2019 Annual Enrollment

In view of the above, Kindly follow the steps that is  illustrated in a simple manner to help you easily understand and enroll into my ford benefit plan of your choice.

  • Kindly visit the website of
  • Click on option of “Enroll for your 2019 benefits” to proceed with the enrollment process.
  • Select the Annual Enrollment on the homepage and also  select the “research and enroll” in the enrollment page.
  • Here you can view or compare and then edit the current plans and check for ford a plan eligibility with simultaneous calculation of ford a plan discount calculator.
  • Select to confirm choice and you have to submit the enrollment by 9 Nov 2018 so as to complete the 2019 enrollment.
  • An email will be sent to your registered email address with myfordbenefitplan. This will confirm that your enrollment is acknowledged or not.

Classes of MyFord Benefits:

The ford company provides the following as their main benefits to the employees:

  • Career
  • Life Insurance
  • Incentives and Salaries
  • Vacation services and Free Training
  • Discounts on Ford Vehicles
  • Accident and Health Insurances plus much more.

MyFordBenefits Sign In Portal Features:

Below are the features and information shared through MyFordBenefits Portal

  • Regular and updated information for users and employees.
  • Each user can be supported for high amounts of Saving Balance.
  • The users can access all their information’ using number or email address.
  • Upgrading, training and improve employees  performance .
  • You can access schedule, planning and different options of paying digitally.

MyFordBenefits Registration Steps:

To register for MyFordBenefitPlan, kindly follow the following steps;

  • Visit
  • For the first time user, your initial user ID is your social security number.
  • Your password or PIN is your date of birth that you have entered in your employee records.
  • With your Social Security number (SSN) and date of birth, you can use both details to log in to your myfordbenefits account.

MyFordbenefits Sign in – for Retirees

  •  Visit the official website of Ford Motor Company Benefits Website @
  • You will be redirected to a homepage, ENTER your user ID and Password
  • Click on Login button.

How To Reset and Recover MyFordBenefits User Id and Password:

In case you lost your login details and you wish to recover it, kindly follow this steps to recover your account.

  • Visit
  • Click on “Forgot My User ID”.
  • Kindly enter your Email Id in the next page,
  • You will receive a mail and then you will find an option to recover your id and details.
  • You can even change and update.
  • Continue the further process easily.

Consequently, you can also follow the above process to reset and recover your Myfordbenefits Password.

Finally, Thanks for reading our article today on Myfordbenefits Sign In. If there is any other question that you wishes to ask, kindly make use of the comment box below.


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