My BVN Number – How to know my BVN number | Update & Correct BVN

Bank Verification Number commonly referred to as BVN is a biometric identification system introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as one of its strategies in the fight against monetary fraud. Thus, the Central Bank of Nigeria implemented this Biometric Identification System within the industry to curb illegal banking. Therefore, it is aimed at reducing illegal banking activities. My BVN number contains all my necessary personal details which the bank industry use as a watchdog to all your banking and bank related activities.

My BVN number
My BVN number

Furthermore, your BVN shows your personal profile once your account detail is entered. It is an 11 digit number that acts as your universal ID in every commercial bank in Nigeria.

This article is aimed at exposing all you need to know about my BVN number.

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The Need For My BVN Number

  • For Security Purpose: Your BVN number secures maximum protection for your account against unauthorized activities.
  • Speed: With your BVN number, your transaction in any bank is faster
  • For Ease Tracking: With your BVN number you can easily track all your transactions in any bank whether in Nigeria or anywhere.

How To Register My BVN Number

To register my Bank Verification Number, the following steps should be followed

  1. Fill and submit the BVN enrollment form in your bank. The form is available in every branch of your bank.
  2. During submission you are required to provide a valid means of identification. This could be
  • Driver’s Licence,
  • National ID Card,
  • International Passport, or
  • Voter’s Registration Card.

Also, the BVN enrollment form can be downloaded online. For instance, for First Bank Nigeria Plc, it can be downloaded through

How To Know My BVN Number

If you want to know or copy out your BVN number, you can do so by dialing *565*0# in your mobile phone. This must be done with the phone number you entered while opening the account. Thus, you can proceed to your bank with your number to check your details either for update or correction. BVN code (*565*0#) is the same for all bank and for all networks  as well, whether Glo, MTN, Airtel or 9Mobile. A charge of #20 applies.


Correct and Update My BVN Number Details Online – The Guide

Due to some errors bank customers encounter while entering their BVN enrollment details, some guidelines have been put forward to ease their correction. However, in some cases, it is not as a result of entering any erroneous data. It may result from a customer’s life improvement-marriage for instance. Under such circumstance, you update.

Correcting and updating any information contained in your BVN online is always hazardous and that is why proper care is required to be taken while filling the enrollment form. Actually, correcting and updating your BVN details online is done but can only be by visiting the Bank you have an account with.


What To Correct and Update In Your Bank Verification Number

The following can be corrected or updated in your BVN:

  1. Date of birth: This can be corrected with birth certificate as a proof.
  2. Marital status: During the change of marital status, usually from single to married,  females change from their maiden name to their husbands’ name. Marriage Certificate is usually a proof.
  3. You can as well update and correct your name, phone number and address with your International Passport, National Identity Card or Voters Card showing the correct data.

Remember, there is no quicker means of correcting or updating your details except  by consulting your bank (your own view will be appreciated here).

It is my belief that by this article you understand all you need to know about my BVN number. For comment and contribution kindly make use of the comment box below.





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