My At&T app – How to manage your account from your phone

We live in a busy world. Most of our lives are a hectic mix of work, chores, school or family responsibilities. It seems like we can never find a moment to do just one thing at a time. Let’s get started with My At&T app now.

The AT&T app helps you manage your AT&T Account no matter where you are.  So whether you’re waiting for the doctor, relaxing on the couch or taking your lunch break or doing anything whatsoever, you can still still manage your AT&T Account at your own inconvenience.

Download My At&T app

The purpose of this article it to teach you how you can use the app to manage your AT&T Account from your phone. We shall be doing a review on the application and lots more. Lets get started.

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What can you do with the myAT&T App?

With the AT&T App, yo can manage and do virtually everything that is related to your AT&T Account. Lets get started with some of the reviews on the importance of the AT&T Application:

  • Paying of  Bills. If you have access to the AT&T App, you no longer require a computer to pay your bills neither do you need to visit any AT&T Store to pay your bills. This means that you can Pay your bills right from your phone or tablet. Funny and good enough, you can even set up automatic payments with the App.
  • Manage your plan. Most times customers of AT&T floods their stores to change and manage their plans but with the app, you need not do this again. So, you can make changes to any of your AT&T plans or packages.
  • Quickly view your usage. The App gives you a quick access to check your data usage and other AT&T services. Track usage, update your plan, and more with the App
  • Get help with tech issues. The app helps you troubleshoot your service, read step-by-step instructions, and schedule repairs at the touch of a button.

Lastly, if you want to see more other helpful apps from AT&T, please visit the official apps and services website.

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How to download the myAT&T App

You can Download the myAT&T app on your smartphone or tablet from the either App Store or get it on Google play.

My At&T app



To download from App Store, click on the image above or here.

To Get the App from Google Play, kindly click on the image above or here.

Lastly, You can also text “myATT” to 556699 to receive a download link.

How to Log into  My At&T app

The first thing to do after downloading your App is to Lunch the Application. However, note that in order to access your myAT&T information, you will have to set up your account first. So if you have account with AT&T, kindly provide your User Name and Password in the space provided. Then click the submit button.

But If you don’t have one yet, you can create one on the myAT&T website or you can read my article on How to create Account Here

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