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Briefly, Mayo Clinic,is one of the American leading nonprofit academic medical center that is based in Rochester, Minnesota. The clinic is majorly based on integrated clinical practice, education including research. Mayo Clinic have over 4700 physicians and scientists who basically collaborate across the campuses in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota, to ensure seamless care. Presently as a patient with Mayo clinic, there are lots of online services that is available for you.


What are the Online Services Available to a Patient at the Mayo Clinic Portal @

Generally, if you are a patient of the Mayo Clinic and have created an Account with them, the online portal gives you the chance to some services like being able to easily access, fix and manage medical appointments, Check out your Medical Results and records online.

Furthermore, you can also use the online portal, to carry out the following services:

  1. Find a Doctor that is specialized in your Ailment
  2. Get a job – You can also decide to use the Mayo Clinic online services to pursue a carrier.
  3. Request an Appointment from Mayo Clinic Experts
  4. Donate to Mayo Clinic. Just like we told, Mayo clinic is a non profit organisation. This means that you may also decide to donate for the cause of the medical work etc.

What is the Purpose of Reading this Article

This article was  not written for its own sake. It is written to give you full exposure to Mayo Clinic and teach you some things about it. Below are the things this article intends to teach you.

  1. How to create and sign up to the Mayo Clinic Patient Services online Account.
  2. It will also teach you how to Login into your Mayo Clinic Patient online Account
  3.  Guideline to download and use the Mayo clinic app to perform or carry out patients services online.
  4. This article will teach you how to troubleshoot some common Mayo Clinic Account Login Issues
  5. Lastly, the things written here are just a glimpse of the things we are going to teach you in this article.



How to Create And Sign Up To Mayo Clinic Online Account

To start enjoying the awesome services offered by Mayo clinic, you must first create an Account to obtain your login details. To create an online Account, kindly follow the steps to guides provided here.

  1. First of all, Go to Mayo Clinic Patient Portal @
  2. Click on Patient Online Services Link at the top right hand corner.
  3. Scroll down and click on the Create your Account Link
  4. You will be redirected to Account registration page where you will provide the following details:
      • Valid Primary Email Address
      • Legal First Name, Middle Name,(optional) and Last Name
      • Activation Codes
      • Date of Birth
      • Mayo Clinic Number ( That is your 7 to 9 assigned to you before your first visit
      • Click here to see Where to find your Mayo Clinic number
      • Also Click here If you Don’t have an activation code?
  5. Finally, when you are done filling the form, Tick the box that says You are not a Robot . After that, click on the Blue Button to continue to the next page.

However, in case you find it difficult complete your registration, kindly click on the  Help link below.

How to Login to Mayo Clinic Patient Portal

 If you have successfully created an Account, then follow the steps below to login to your account.

  1. To Log in, go to the Login homepage and Click on Log in to Your Patient Account Link
  2. At the Login page, kindly enter Your Account Username in the first field
  3. Also enter your Account Password in second field.
  4. Finally, Click on the Login Button to continue to your Account.


Note that if the details you provided are correct, you will be immediately logged into your Account. However, if they are wrong, then you will need to reset or recover your login details.


How to Reset or Recover your Mayo Clinic Patient Online Account Login Details.

There are majorly two main common login problems with Mayo Clinic Patient online Login. It is either lost or forgotten Username or Password. In case you have lost or forgotten any, There is no need to be worried because we will give you the guidelines to troubleshoot any issue with you mayo clinic login.

So, if you have similar issue as mentioned above, don’t panic. just follow the guides provided here:

  1. The first step is to go back to Mayo Clinic Patient Login page
  2. Look down and click on the link that reads Need help logging in? 
  3. You will be taken to another page where you will enter your valid email address. After, click continue.
  4. You will receive a mails verifying your username and a link for updating your password in the email you provided. (The email must be the one associated with the Account)
  5. After that, click on Continue button and go to your email address to see the link. Follow the rest of the instructions there.

Lastly, if there issue persist, you decide to connect with the Mayo Clinic patient login troubleshooting guide page to get all the help you need.

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