Mail.Ru Group, is a Russian Internet company that started in 1998 as an e-mail service. It was estimated to be the largest email provider in Russia and the top 5 of largest Internet provider. Billions of people throughout the world makes use of email service for sending and receiving mails especially in Russia the host country of Lets get started with Account Sign in English translation now.

Do you know you can use the free service of for saving photos, videos, music, presentations, documents and other files?

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Consequently, we shall be teaching you how to Create or Sign up for Account, in English. So if you don’t understand Russian Language, simply download google chrome use the web browse to help to translate the language to English.

How to Use in English Translation

As I earlier started,  to use on English translation, please download Google Chrome browser. But if you have google chrome, please follow the guides below to get started.

  • First go to the Setting tab of Google Chrome Browser.
  • Scroll down and click on the advanced.
  • Scroll down, locate languages and expand it.
  • Turn on “offer to translate pages that ain’t in English you read” See below screenshot.

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To create your Account, please follow the guides below. Note that you must have downloaded Google Chrome.

  • Visit  www.Mail.Ru official website,  click the link that reads “Регистрация” in the top right corner or “Регистрация нового ящика” in the left column.
  • The registration form will appear in the next page.
  • Enter your information in the registration form.

If the form isn’t displayed in your preferred language, then click the link in the bottom right of the page.

  • Enter the confirmation code showed in the picture.
  • A confirmation code will be sent to your phone number or the alternate email address you entered. Enter the code in the box.
  • After the above simple procedure, your email address will be ready to use. login – How to Sign in to account

To begin the process of logging into your Account, please follow the guides below:

  • Go to Website
  • Click on the Sign in link at the top right hand corner of the page.
  • Enter your Username and your password in the fields provided.
  • Click on Login to Login Account.

See image below for guides: Account Sign in









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