Login To IMVU | SIGN IN | How To Login And Troubleshoot IMVU Account

Firstly, lets say what IMVU stands for. It stands for “Instant Messaging Virtual Universe”. Now, let us say what its all about. It is both communication and entertainment platform which allows millions of users to contact, make or meet new friends online using 3D avatar. It has hosted millions of persons on the platform who have account with them. For you to be one of these, avail yourself the opportunity of creating an account today. The aim of this article is to tell you how to login to IMVU account and also trouble shoot it when the need arises. All you need is to pay kin attention to the article and follow the guidelines provided below.

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Guidelines On How To Login To Your IMVU Account

If you already have an account, this how how you log in. It is a very simple task.

  • Open your web browser, type in https://secure.imvu.com. Or you can just click the link to move straight to the site.
  • Once you get to the next page, click the login button below.
  • Provide your login details required from you accurately. That is your user ID or username and password.
  • Click on the login button to continue.

However, you can successfully login if only the information you provided are correct.

Login To IMVU

Tips On How To Troubleshoot Your IMVU Login Problems

Just like i said at the beginning of the article, we shall now teach you how to recover your login password anytime you lose it or you forgot it. Here are the guides.

  • Firstly, go to the the page which shows where to put in your username and password.
  • Click the “forgot password” button below.
  • It will take you to the next page where you will reset your password.
  • Provide an active email address in the field shown to you on the page.
  • Next is for you to click the ” send button” on the page.
  • Quickly move to the email address you previously provided. You will see a link sent to you by IMVU.
  • finally, click on the link and you will be taken to a page where you can reset your password.

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How To Contact The IMVU Support Group.

In case you find it very difficult to login to IMVU account, you can also contact the IMVU Support Team for better clarification. Kindly use the following number to reach them – 855.455.5224. Or you can use the “Help” link to get the help you need.

Thanks for reading this article today. We believe you enjoyed it and that it was helpful.


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