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Every life insurer desires the best kind of insurance for him or herself. He desires quality services from the life insurance company at the cheapest rate. All these come as a result of a good life insurance agent.

Life Insurance Agent

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However, lets describe whom an insurance agent is. He is a middle man between a potential customers and an insurance company who engages in creating new businesses between the two parties by selling different kinds of insurance to the potential customers. There are many agents out there but a good agent has the qualities mentioned above.


  1. Firstly, he should have a good knowledge of life insurance.
  2. He or she should understand how to manage customers.
  3. A good life insurance agent must understand your financial stability or base.
  4. He must understand the fact that you are about taking a risk and he should know how to manage it.
  5. More so, he should carry you along the insurance processes and explain every necessary point you need to know.
  6. He should have the ability to convince you to do the best. Not just that, he should make you see and believe that you are doing the best for yourself.
  7. He should always embark on periodic review to ensure that you still enjoy the best plans and products of the company in which you are insured.
  8. Finally, he should not go unlicensed. I mean he should get a license from the state.

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On the contrary, it might not be so easy for to find a competent agent considering the qualities mentioned above. But there is still an option for you. You can decide choose an agent among National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA). This body constitutes about 70,000 members, competent and available to serve as agents to anyone that chooses them.

Further, agents or brokers work for the money. Though the price you pay them is dependent on the brokers.

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