How To Start PNC Mortgage Speedpay – Online PNC Speedpay

Firstly, it is important we give a brief introduction to PNC Mortgage Speedpay. Speedpay is an online payment service that gives a user the flexibility to conveniently make his monthly mortgage payments on his own terms. If you don’t want to commit to paying on the same date each month, SpeedPay is the best option to go for.

PNC Mortgage Speedpay
PNC Mortgage Speedpay


Moreover, you can make an immediate mortgage payment from any bank account. Also,  PNC Mortgage gives you the opportunity to make a minimum payment of $10,000 towards your principal as well as re-amortize your loan. This will help reduce your monthly principal and interest payment.

Most importantly, a user should note that Speedpay payments made costs $7 each but all payments which were  made using  PNC Bank accounts are free- unless otherwise stated by state law. If late charges are owed, they will be collected with each payment.


Guideline To Start PNC Mortgage Speedpay.

It takes a set of very easy tasks to start PNC Mortgage Speedpay. To get started immediately, firstly, log  into your PNC Mortgage Speedpay online accountFollow the laid down steps guide contained in the website. You can as well call the PNC Mortgage at 1-800-822-5626, then, you can make immediate payment.

  • You need your check book and mortgage payment coupon book which consists of your 10-digit loan number.
  • Carefully read the “Usage Agreement” and then click “OK.”
  • Entering your 10-digit loan number from your coupon book to access your Speedpay  and your Social Security number.
  • After this, confirm the name of the account holder and enter the account number including routing number from your check.

PNC Mortgage Speedpay

However, do not include the check number when entering your account information. This is because it will cause your payment to be rejected and also cause delay in processing your payment.

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