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To understand how to monetize your blog with CPM video ads, first of all you must know what CPM is all about. Thus, CPM means cost per mille and it is a marketing term used to denote the price of 1,000 advertisement impressions on one webpage. For instance, if a website publisher charges $2.00 CPM, that means an advertiser must pay $2.00 for every 1,000 impressions of its ad.

This article is packaged to teach you how to monetize your blog with CPM video ads in a new and unique way. However, it is not all that new as video ads playing in some sites and  google adsense video ads though that is a different thing here are widely seen.

Signup, manage your blog with CPM ads

My duty here is to share the knowledge of this new network with interested persons because not everyone has adsense. Meanwhile, you should know that the network is called Video Intelligence and it makes you to earn handsomely through video ads.


Those in entertainment industries such as music, movies, image blogs or even news blogs use this as their best network. Although, it is not a rule that every blog must be monetized with this network, although the knowledge on how to monetize your blog is essential to every blogger.

However, if you are using Blogger, WordPress or any other website, this network can still work for all of them because it provides a universal ad code that can power all of them except the publisher ID is changed or in any way affected. You can try this to test your knowledge on how to monetize your blog.

The Minimum Payment

Video ads have a minimum payout of $100. They support multiple payment options like Epese, Paxum, Payoneer, Webmoney E-Payments and Epese. However, ClickADu is also solid CPM advertisement network for bloggers & publishers.

Methods of Payment

The best method of payment is through paypal.


Paypal is for everyone who pays online. With just PayPal you can shop and send payments with just one account. Paypal is a simpler, safer way to pay online.

Features of CPM Video Ads

Videos ads have several features. Among them are:

1. Categories

Your site contains many categories. Thus, you are to choose any video ads of your audience’s interest. However, more interesting videos in their supposed category will attract more views and as a result, more money will be earned.

2. Universal Code

Everyone has the same video ads code so one don’t need to be a coder before showing video ads on a blog and customization is as simple as ABC.


3. CPM Video Ads

Payment is made per 1000 videos played.

4. Playlists

You can add playlists in your blog or site if you so wish.

5. Customize look

There is option to customize the look of video ads.

6. Short Time Video Ads

None of the video ads is up to two minutes. They are mostly one minute or even half.

7. Sound off/subtitles

Your videos can be muted by any visitor who wish to mute them and the video ads are separately subtitled.

Signup And Manage Your Blog With Video Ads

To signup into blog with video ads, kindly follow the steps below

Monetize your blog

Step 1: Go to to the official website of Video Intelligence @

Step 2: Click on Signup displayed on the top right corner of the home page and then select Publisher and fill out the form provided in it. See the form belowvideo intelligent signup

Step 3: Wait to receive approval email. On the receipt of the email, click confirm button in the approval email.

Step 4: Look towards the top right corner of your home page, just immediately before the signup box you will see the Login box. Click on it and see the login form. Then hit on Integrate tags to get your video ads code. Below is the login form

video ads login

Step 5: Again, keep your settings on the Integrate tags page and you will see your integration tag.


Step 6: Visit blogger and go to layout if you want to show video ads in sidebar and also, if you want your video ads to display below your post title or you want it above post footer or even in between post and choose preferred format.

Step 7: Save your template and then it’s a done deal.

Interestingly, you should know that video ads adjust to the height and width of the container. By this you can make your ad container with css and html.

How To Reset Your Video Intelligent Password

If you loss your password or you want to reset it, you can reset it by clicking forgort password in the login form.Follow the instructions in the displayed box. See the image below.

Reset Vi password

Though I’m convinced that you grab all you need to know about how you can Signup and manage your blog with high CPM ads, if there is any question do contact me through the comment box below.


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