How to get American Express Centurion Card – The Black card fee and benefits

The American Express Black Card otherwise known as the Centurion Card is an executive and exclusive card from American Express. The card are (were) mostly used by celebrities and the ultra-rich, both in spending and in net-worth. Recently, the Card has been referred to as MasterCard Black Card. Don’t get confused! they all means the same thing. (The American Express Black Card or Amex Card).

The American Express introduced the Centurion Card to cater to the very wealthy. The card was initially available only to selected users. However, to apply for the card, you must meet certain strict requirements from the American Express

Note that the Card has quite a number of unique perks for members, that ranges form access to airline lounges and VIP treatments at spas and hotels. etc

Lastly, this article shall be giving you a comprehensive guides on all you need to know about this American Express Black Card. So just keep reading as we unveil the myth surrounding the Centurion Card.

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How to Get an American Express Centurion Card | Easy Guide to the Black Card

If you search the entire website site of American Express Credit Card options, you will never get to see the application button for the American Express Black Card. This is because the card is only available by invite only.

The only thing you may likely see is the Cardholder Agreement, Terms and Conditions Link. Also, you will never find the requirement or conditions for which you will be qualified to get the Centurion Black Card.

However, in this article, we shall be giving you a guide on how to qualified for the Card. So quickly follow the guides and tips as contained in this article to get started.

  • To qualify for the Card, you must have applied and used other Amex Card. This because American Express® cardholders are usually the most commonly invited persons.
  • You must have used the card for at least above a year.
  • You must have made a Charge of at least $250,000 per year. (However, there are some estimates that it should be as high as $450,000)
  • Lastly, you must be rich both in spending and in net-worth to merit an invitation

When this is done, you may just be on your way to getting an invite from American Express.

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What are the Cost of Getting a Centurion Black Card.

Once you get and invite to apply for the Black Card, there are some other things you must do to earn the card. Below are some of the cost of getting the card.

  • You will Pay an Initiation/application Fee of $5,000–$7,500
  • You will also pay an Annual Fee of $2,500.

This is definitely expensive right? I thing so. This fees are just for the privilege of using the Card. This is why not everybody applies for the centurion card. You must prove that you are worthy of the Black Card.

See image below to see how the Black Card page looks like:

American Express Centurion Card

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The Black Card Cardholder Agreement | The Black Card APR.

The centurion Card is a Charge Card and not an ordinary Credit Card. This means that you are meant to pay up your full balance every month. This is contained in the cardholder Agreement.
However, by virtue of the agreement clause, a cardholder can use the ‘Pay Over Time’ policy clause of the agreement. This is option is only available if you spend at least $250K per year.

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What are the Benefits of the American Express “Black Card”

It is my position that the benefits of the American Express Centurion Card are quite a good match for the high application and annual fees of the card. It is also a good match for the reputation and executive treats of the card.

To see the benefits of the card, please following the details below:

  • They card offers a Membership Rewards Points.

This reward points comes when you use the card booking Flight, in flight purchase and hotel stays. etc

  • The Centurion Card offers a 24/7 Personal Concierge Service for their Deluxe Programs.

As a Card user, you get front row tickets to T-Swift, extended shopping hours at Gucci and a secure reservation at Nobu or Per Se.

This is just but a few. The card also comes with deluxe Centurion concierge service. You can use this to make a simpler requests like reminder calls for anniversaries and birthdays. etc

  • The Centurion Black Card qualifies you for Automatic Hotel Elite Status.

As a cardholder, you perks and free upgrade and late checks. You will also earn the Elite Hotel Status like the Hilton Honors Diamond, IHG Priority Club Rewards Platinum Elite and Relais as well as Châteaux 5C status. Lastly, you will get complimentary perks of internet and upgrades, as well as membership to the Centurion Hotel Program, This is just but a few.

Elite Status Benefits

  • The Card also Qualifies You for Car Rental Elite Status:

As a cardholder, When you rent a car with your Centurion card, you’ll get the following as perks:

    1. An automatic car rental insurance (as long as you decline the collision damage waiver).
    2. A ready ans Steady Roadside assistance, including free towing and jump-starting.
    3. Your Elite status qualifies you to rent cards form car rental companies like Hertz and Avis.
  • The Black Card Gives You Free Access to Centurion Lounges and in Flight WiFi:

The centurion airlines lounge is regard as one of the best lounges around the world. The Centurion Lounges have high-caliber food, drinks and services, with some even offering spa treatments and massages!

  • The Card also offers you free $200 Travel Credit on any airline of your choice:

You will automatically receive up to $200 in annual statement credits to cover fees like checked bags and in-flight food and beverage purchases. Isn’t this awesome?

This is just but a few of the awesome benefits attached with the American Express Black Card.

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