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The competitive nature of blogging these days among bloggers has made somehow difficult for new bloggers to see their survival. As every blogger is struggling to top the list, some have resorted to doing SEO in their blogs, some are adding gadgets, some are adding posts with demanding contents to their blogs while others are into advertisement of their blogs and employing any means within their reach just to make their blogs and websites so popular. All these are in the quest to attract more viewers to your blog.

How to attract more viewers to your blog

However, successful bloggers, don’t even work harder, they work smarter. It therefore follows that you must be smart enough if you really want to make it through blogging and not really by working 24 hours. Interestingly, viewers or visitors are not really impressed attracted by the number of posts you make in a day, they are rather attracted good contents, smart design, gadgets and the rest of them as explained below. Thus, this article is geared towards giving you those helpful points you need observe in your blog to attract more viewers.


Key Points that can attract Viewers and Traffic to Your Blog

The working points that can help you get more viewers to your blog or website are explained below:

  1. New and Genuine Content

There is this popular saying in the blogging world that “content is king”. This is obviously true because it is the content that a visitor needs and nothing more. Anyone visiting your site or blog is doing so to read the content, this affirms the saying. For the content of your blog to attract viewers, it must be a new and genuine one. This is because no one searches for a second-hand information, people search for interesting information. Dull or copied content does not attract viewers. Therefore, blogs with interesting and first hand contents get more visitors than those with dull and copied contents. Those with attractive contents become popular and regularly searched in search engines. As a result, you must think of an interesting category before starting a blog. Kindly keep to publishing interesting, genuine and demanding contents in blog to become popular and impress your viewers.

2. Simplicity of your Blog

In blogging, simplicity matters a lot. Therefore, care must be taken while trying to design and make your blog attractive to avoid making the blog so complicated to visitors. Some bloggers make this mistake, while trying to attract visitor they succeed in making it very congested for visitors. By this, you may in turn scare them away. Let your blog be simple for easier assessment by users.


3. The Widgets and Gadgets

A widget is a code used by bloggers to add some features to their blogs. It is a preset code while gadget on the other hand is also a code but it is used by the company and the feature is thereafter added to the website, it can be installed in your operating system. On the other hand, a widget is feature that can be added by anyone while a gadget is only added by a copyrighted or licensed company. A widget is exclusively for blogs and websites while a gadget is for all computers and tablets.

As a blogger, you are advised to add interesting widgets and gadgets such as egg sharing buttons, label gadget, back to top, etc. to your blog. You can as well try the popular post widgets.

4. Good Responsive Design

A good and attractive blog must have good responsive designs. It is one of the nectars that attract viewers to a blog. Responsive design includes responsive gadgets, responsive sharing buttons, smart looking menu arrangement, good follow buttons, high quality images etc. It therefore entails that you must have good quality of all these in your blog for it to be attracting visitors. A good blogger must have a good responsive designed blog.

5. Speed and Activeness of your Blog

After content and design the next thing to consider in your blog is the speed at which it gets traffic. Most bloggers on the course of trying to make their blogs to be attractive, add a huge number of gadgets in their blogs. This mistake does not only congest their blogs but as well makes it very slow resulting to low traffic . Consequently, visitors, even as a blogger don’t like slow blogs and websites. Therefore, for you not to waste your time and get frustrated, you must consider the speed and activeness of your blog while designing it. Your can be slowed down by importing from another blog some gadgets which are not provided by blogger. Such imported gadgets sometimes have javascript codes which take time to load and as such slow down your blog.


6. Blog Navigation

Your blog must have a clear and simple navigation. That is to say, for instance, you must categorize your posts, for easier location by visitors. Again, your contact page through which your blog visitor can contact you, an about page which describes your blog, a home button through which your visitors can have an overview of your blog,  posts pages which contain the posts you have so far made in your blog, etc.

Meanwhile, if you don’t your blog your visitors will find it difficult to locate their desired posts. For instance, now, if you are looking for “how to attract more viewers to your blog” this article is categorized under How To’s. Therefore, any visitor can easily locate it from the said category from the home page. You are however, advised to add neat and clean menu or labels with tags in big font size to enable your visitors find their desired category without much stress.

7. Music

Most visitors are music fans. It is imperative to know that some visitors can be attracted by music. Therefore, adding music to your blog is another way of increasing traffic in your blog. You can add music to your blog directly as either a background music which starts playing whenever your blog is opened or the music which is played by visitors. The latter music always have a stop and play button which can be used to play and stop the music. You are advised to add some good songs that will help in attracting visitors to your blog.

8. Rate of Advertisement

Actually, the purpose of blogging is to make money, but they way some bloggers go around to make sure they make the money within the possibly shortest time only gets them frustrated. Bloggers, these days in the quest to increase their traffic add much pop-up ads, in-page ads and blog entrance ads. When the blog or website is visited all the ads open making the visitor to get angry, such a visitor will never think of visiting that blog or website again. You are advised not to pop-up, blog entrance and in-page ads in your blog or website.

8. Page Translator

Bloggers whose blogs are popular add page translators to their blogs. You can add same. This is because if your blog language is English only those who understand English will be visiting your blog. Those who don’t understand English and want to visit your blog won’t be able to read the content. We advise you add a page translator to your blog to enable other visitors to read it in their own language. This can be done by adding Google page translator to the bog from layout.


10. Pop-up Boxes

Some bloggers in order to get more fans, subscribers and viewers add pop-up boxes like Facebook like box, sharing boxes, Tweeter boxes, Whatsapp, E-mail subscription box etc. These boxes are not helpful at all. Adding them to your blog is not wise because it does not only frustrates visitor but also slows down the performance of your blog. You are advised not to add them but if you insist, you can just add like two of them for you to gain more fans.

11. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

As a blogger, if after applying the above tips in your blog, you still don’t get enough viewers it means your blog is not yet popular. To popularize your blog, you have to spread it wider so people can reach it. To achieve this, you have to optimize your blog search to enable search engine expose your blog to more visitors.

These are the tips we have for now as regards how to attract more viewers to your blog, as time progresses we will update you with more.  We can entertain question or contribution, if any, kindly use the comment box below let’s feed you back.

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Thank you so much for this article today on this topic.

Hope you enjoyed it. For any questions and comments, please use the comment box below. Thanks


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