How To Apply For Indian Student Visa In Nigeria | The Steps

Good number of students from other countries are admitted annually into full time study programs into Nigeria. India, being one of the global superpowers when it comes to education has some number of citizens schooling in Nigeria. More so, India is the land of diverse cultures. Hence, it is regarded as the birthplace of some of the World’s greatest religions. Thus, as an international student to be, it is important you how to apply for Indian student visa in Nigeria.

Indian student visa in Nigeria

Are you a Nigerian thinking of studying in India? If yes, you are favored because studying in India will change your life in a better than how it can in any country else. Practically, you will see and experience things that will open your eyes to a whole new manifestation of life in this modern age.


Undoubtedly, you will regret nothing for studying in India and you will return home as a more informed person. All you need to do for me is to carefully study how to apply for India Student visa in Nigeria. However, before giving you much guidelines here, you should know the possible reasons for studying in India.

The Likely Reasons To Study In India

So many reasons exists why you need to study in India. The reasons include the following.

1. The Quality of Indian Universities

India has top quality universities and colleges where international students like to choose from. Interestingly, in the world today, the ranking list of institutions of higher learning has a majority of the Indian Institute of Technology and All India Institute of Medical Sciences for students at the top. We recommend that anyone who wants to school abroad should consider Indian institutions the best to seek admission.

2. Scholarships

Despite the cost of education which is considered very much affordable in India, universities in India also provide their international students with financial assistance in form of scholarships.

3. Lower Cost of Living

Studying abroad is never easy. A completely different country becomes a major concern for international students and the cost of living in a foreign country can seem daunting to many at first. In a country like India, cost of living is the last thing to worry about. The cost of education in India is lower compare to what we see in most of the European countries.

4. Job Opportunities

A foreign student seeking employment in India both during and after his programme stands better chances of being employed. The country offers series of programmes across various fields of human endeavour. However, the Indian government does not allow foreign students to work during the period of their studies. Although this does not exclude the students from working after their programmes.


About Indian Student Visa

Indian student visa is issued to an applicant who wishes to undergo educational study in India. It is a short term visa and its duration is about 3 months to 3 years. During this period  the holder is allowed to visit and stay in India while the duration of his study lasts. The duration is determined by the course the visa holder applied to study at the Indian institution either university or college. Since  your purpose of going to India is to study, this is the type of visa you need.

Things You Need to Know Before Applying for Indian Student Visa In Nigeria

To apply for Indian Student visa in Nigeria, you should first of all note the following.

  1. Before you apply for Indian student visa in Nigeria, you must have been admitted in any Indian college or university.
  2. All the requirements must have been ready before you apply.
  3. Once your documents are ready, you can either decide to apply for student visa online or you proceed to the Indian High Commission in Nigeria and process your application
  4. Adhere to every instruction given to you during the process.

How to Apply India Student Visa Online

The online visa application process involves five stages and they include;

  1. Proceed to, fill your online visa application form and print out same. You are required to be sincere and honest with the information provide in the form.
  2. Pay your India student visa application nonrefundable fee at the Sterling Bank counter in the Indian High Commission in Lagos. Submit your application form and all supporting documents to the consular officer at the Indian High Commission. Remember you are to go in person.
  3. You have to attend your visa interview and provide extra documentation if needed. Just maintain honesty while the process lasts.
  4. Then collect your passport/visa from the Indian High Commission.

Visa application submissions are between 10:00AM to 12:00AM on all working days.

Indian High Commission Offices In Nigeria

In Nigeria, India High Commission have offices in Lagos and Abuja. See locations below.

India High Commission, Abuja
364, Cadastral Zone,
Central Business Area (CBA),
FCT Abuja
Telephone: +234 708 062 2800-4
India High Commission, Lagos
8A, Walter Carrington Crescent,
Victoria Island,
Telephone: 01-2627680


The Requirements for India Students Visa

For you to apply for Indian Student Visa in Nigeria, you are required to provide the following.

  1. Original passport valid for a minimum of 6 months (or for the validity requested, if greater)
  2. Two photographs of the size of 50mm X 50mm i.e. 2 inch x 2 inch with light background Photos should be glued on your forms in the box provided on pages 1 and 2 of the online form.
  3. Visa application form duly filled in online _ Your form should be signed in the box under the photograph on page 1 and at the end of page 2 Your signatures should match with the signature printed on your passport.
  4. Applicant must provide his/her own contact details including email ID.  Visa may be refused if any fraud is detected.
  5. A photocopy of the data page of the passport.
  6. Your original admission letter duly signed and stamped with contact details from an Indian university/school or higher education establishment to run a full-time course.
  7. A letter of support with contact details from the parent/guardian accompanied by a bank guarantee/certificate with a copy of Identity Card. In case of sponsorship of higher education from the State Government, a letter in original duly stamped and signed with contact details of the officer concerned.
  8. Copies with originals of applicant’s previous educational qualifications i.e. Jr. & Sr. Secondary certificates, Mark Sheets, Diploma, Birth Certificate duly attested either by the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Education.
  9. Evidence of transfer of adequate funds for at least 4 months sustenance in India or production of traveler’s cheques for a similar amount.
  10. Send the Indian university/college/school to email following to HCI email and (For Lagos: and from their official email ID with copy to the applicant. You are to attach a printout of your invitation and the email with your visa application form.
  11. If you are a foreign student and you have already sought admission in India and have completed first year of their studies, ensure you get your visas extended well before time while in India before returning to your country of origin on vacation. For any emergency situations, visit the nearest FRRO/FRO’s office for extension of visa with prior permission obtained from the University/educational institution in India.
  12. Student visas are considered only for regular academic courses from renowned Indian Universities. Irregular part time students are not granted the visa.

We are glad to have outlined every necessary process you need to successfully obtain your Indian student visa in Nigeria. If there is any question or contribution, kindly use the comment box.


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