How To Apply For Free Scholarships In Netherlands | 10 Free Scholarships in Netherlands

Netherlands is one of the countries who have invested much in education. There are good number of free scholarship schemes for both indigenous and foreign students. These free scholarships are easy to apply but unfortunately you may not be aware of them. However, we have decided for your own interest to provide you with how to apply for free scholarships in Netherlands, at least 10 of them. Your level and course of study are no barrier.

Free Scholarship in Netherlands

However, even though Netherlands is not an English speaking, it is recorded that over 95% of the Dutch speak English. Interestingly, most of the courses taught in the institutions of higher learning are taught using English language. Thus, making it easy for a foreigner to study there.


Also, tuition fees and education cost in the Netherlands are lower than what you get in other European countries. By this, money cannot really be a barrier to you. Although the cost is lower and affordable as said, our duty here is to show you some of the best free scholarships in Netherlands and how you can apply for them.

Top 10 Free Scholarships In Netherlands You Can Apply.

Below is the list of the top 10 free scholarship schemes in Netherlands you can easily apply for.

  1. Holland Scholarship for Non-EEA International Students

The Holland Scholarship  is available to all international students from outside the Non-EEA (European Economic Area). It is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture & Science. You can apply for this scholarship if you want to do your B.Sc or Master’s degree program at any of the Research Universities or Universities of Applied Sciences in Netherlands.

In this scholarship scheme, there is no restriction to the course of study provided it is among those offered at the hosting institutions and universities. Note that you will be receiving a one-time payment of €5,000 which can only be paid once basically because this scholarship is not a full-tuition scholarship. You can assess it through

2. Rotary Scholarships for Water and Sanitation Professionals

In Netherlands, there is a scholarship scheme for water and sanitation professionals. This Rotary Scholarships for Water & Sanitation Professionals is mainly sponsored to train and increase the number of professionals who will be focused on tackling water and sanitation crises in the country and world at large. Beneficiaries of this scholarship will be tasked with devising, planning and implementing solutions they have learnt on the course of their studies. The scholarship can be obtained through UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, Netherlands. MSc in Water & Sanitation, Water Management & Governance, and Water Science & Engineering are the fields available for study.

Qualification for this scholarship

The following are the qualification requirements for Rotary Scholarship for Water and Sanitation Professionals.

  • You must be water and sanitation professionals.
  • Must live or work near a Rotary club.
  • You must also have been provisionally admitted to any of the acceptable courses in the UNESCO-IHE.

Successful applicants, will receive funding that will cover their scholarships (€34,000), funding for additional costs which include your international travels. Therefore, €34,000 awaits you if you are successful.


3. VU Amsterdam Fellowship Programme for International Students.

Student who want to pursue Master’s degree programme at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam as an international student has opportunity to utilize this scheme. All the English Language taught courses at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam are covered under this scholarship scheme.

The eligibility requirement of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Scholarship Programme for International Students is that you must show a remarkable academic excellence knowing well that the scholarship is quite competitive. If you are on a two-year course programme, the renewal of this scholarship for the second year depends on your ability to excellently pass your courses.

5. Eric Bleumink Scholarships at University of Groningen

Another scholarship free scholarship scheme in Netherlands is the Eric Bleumink scholarship. It holds at the University of Groningen, Netherlands and it is aimed at investing into talented and young researchers from developing countries. The scholarship lasts between 1-2 years of Master’s degree study programme. It covers all the available Master’s degree courses at the University of Groningen, Netherlands.

Interestingly, this scholarship is filled advantages. It covers your health insurance, international travel expenses, tuition fees, living costs, books and others things not listed.

Eligibility Factors

  • You must have been granted admission to any course of your choice.
  • You must also have a very strong academic performance
  • Also, you must have no other means of financing your education, etc.

6. University of Twente Scholarships (UTS)

In Netherlands, you can also see another free scholarship scheme available for international students. It is called the University of Twente scholarship. The availability of this scholarship scheme is extended to all international students both from the EEA & the non-EEA. However, it is only available for post graduate students If your application is successful, you will be offered either Kipaji Scholarship or Professor De Winter Scholarship (these two scholarships are under University of Twente scholarship). You will be provided with between €3,000 – € 25,000 for a year. Although, if you are on a 2-year programme, you will on your second year receive an additional fund that is equal to what you received in your first year.

  • Applicant must have been admitted into a Master’s programme at the University of Twente.
  • You must have a student number.
  • Also, you must obtained the required score for the English language test: IELTS 6.5 (or TOEFL iBT of 90) and an additional 6.0 (TOEFL iBT 20), etc


7. Orange Knowledge Programme in The Netherlands

We also have a free scholarship in Netherlands known as the Orange Knowledge Programme. It is  a fully-funded scholarship given by the Civil Society Leadership Awards (CSLA). This scholarship is for international students who have demonstrated verifiable academic and professional excellence in their fields. The institution is not only found in Netherlands, it is as well located in Hungary, France, Hong Kong, Latvia, Poland, UK, Ireland, the US etc. However, there is a limitation to the number courses to be entered.

8. Justus & Louise Van Effen Excellence Scholarships for International Students at TU Delft

Justus and Louise Van Effen Excellence Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship for international students at the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands. This scholarship is targeted at supporting international students to pursue their master’s degree program at the TU Delft. Being fully funded, it covers your tuition fees and a living expenses for your 2 years study at the TU Delft. Interestingly, You will as well be given membership of the scholarship club where you will access personal development workshops and seminars if you so wish.

9. Radboud Scholarship Programme for International Students

The Radboud Scholarship is another free scholarships in Netherlands. It is for international students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and it supports them to pursue a Master’s degree for all courses taught in English at Radboud University. The eligible courses for the scholarship include all courses in the following faculties:

  • Theology & Religious Studies
  • Law
  • Social Sviences
  • Arts
  • Medical Sciences and
  • Philosophy

However, you are advised to bear in mind that that Radboud Scholarship Programme for International Students is not a fully-funded scholarship. Your tuition fees will be slashed from €11,466 or €12,640 to €2,078. Although, they will cover your visa cost, residence permit, health insurance, liability insurance and some other necessary expenses.

10. Maastricht University Holland High Potential Scholarships for International Students

Apart from the above listed free scholarship schemes in Netherlands, there is also an opportunity for those already admitted into any Master’s degree course at the Maastricht University. You can apply for this through Maastricht University Holland-High Potential Scholarship programme. If successful, you can receive an award of €29.000 in addition to tuition fee waiver and monthly allowances.


  • You must be an academically sound international student from outside of the Europen Union before you qualify for this scholarship scheme.
  • Also, you must have been admitted to study at Maastricht University.

This scholarship covers the following:

  • Visa application.
  • Pre-academic training cost.
  • Utrecht Excellence Scholarships for International Students.
  • Living expenses.
  • Health and liability insurance.

To assess and apply for any of these scholarships kindly click  and choose for yourself and proceed with the application processes as you may be directed.

We are convinced that with the list and explanation above, you can successfully apply for any free scholarship in Netherlands and study any course of your choice and become a professional. If there is any question or contribution concerning how to apply for free scholarships in Netherlands kindly do so through the comment box, Good luck.


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