Freshdesk Pricing Review | How to choose plan

Freshdesk Customer Service Support Plan is build and designed by Freshworks. Freshdesk provides a helpdesk tool that allows businesses and companies to handle customer queries and resolve complaints by means of a ticketing system. We consider Freshdesk as one of the best help desk software best suited for small businesses and even large ones. This is because, freshdesk runs a pricing plan that balances cost and also has awesome features that fits businesses need.

The software provides an affordable yet elegant and omni-channel Helpdesk for their users. It offers interactive Email, Chat, phone and social customer support system that keeps you in touch with your customers wherever they are.

Furthermore, this article is designed to give you a complete review on Freshdesk Pricing plans and we as how to make a choice. If this is what you are looking for, then you are at the right place.

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Freshdesk Pricing plan

Freshdesk Pricing Plan  | How to choose the best plan

Freshdesk offers only 5 types of plans with with monthly pricing of $0 to $99 per agent per month.The Pricing plans of Freshdesk includes the following:

  1. Sprout Plan
  2. Blossom Plan
  3. Garden Plan
  4. Estate Plan
  5. Forest Plan

Sprout Plan

The Sprout plan is designed for persons new to the software. It is a free plan that cost nothing. Although it is a free plan, it still have lots of features. Below are some of the features of the sprout pricing plan:

  • Sprout plan provides an Email Ticketing tool
  • The plan user the tool to dispatch Tickets
  • It enables Team Collaboration
  • It has a high Knowledge Base system
  • The software also offers a ticket Trend Report tool
  • Lastly, it provides a Social Ticketing

To Try the Sprout Pricing Plan, kindly follow the link here.

Blossom Plan

The blossom price plan is designed for small team or business that needs to keep a good customer relation.
It is a paid plan priced at $15 per agent. Below are the features of blossom plan.

  • It provides Email, phone, Social media channels to help build your customer relation.
  • The plan also comes with Live chart channel to instantly keep in touch with your customers.
  • It comes with an advance automations, collision detection and slam management tool.
To Try the Blossom Pricing Plan, kindly follow the link here.

Garden Plan

The garden price plan is the best and ideal plan for growing team or business. it is priced at $29 per agent for monthly bill yearly.
Furthermore, the plan has all the features of the blossom pricing plan and even more. For instance, the garden plan has these additional features:

  • The plan provides a community forum or your customers to share ideas and review your product and services.
  • It comes with a performance report tool that help appraise the progress and the quality of your customer relation.
  • Lastly, the plan combines features like: Time Tracking,
    CSAT Surveys and Session Replay etc.

To Try the Garden Pricing Plan, kindly follow the link here.

Estate Plan

The estate pricing plan is the best deal for large team and business. The plan is priced at $49 per agent for month billed yearly. The plan combines all the features of other plans and even more. For example, the Estate plan has Ticket Assignment Automation tool, the feature to Custom Roles. The plan also has Portal Customization and Enterprise Reporting tool.

To Try the Estate Pricing Plan, kindly follow the link here.

Forest Plan

The last plan offered by Fresh desk software is the Forest Plan. Like the name forest implies, it comes host of feature that makes it Omni-channel pricing plan. The plan is designed for Enterprise and extremely large company that desires analytical customer service tool.
The plan is priced at $109 per an agent for month billed yearly.

To Try the Forest Pricing Plan, kindly follow the link here.

Lastly, if you Can’t decide which plan is right for you? kindly use this link to See our complete feature comparison

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Finally, Thank you so much for reading our article today. Hope it was helpful? However, if you still have any question that you need an answer on, kindly use the comment box below to contact us.



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