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What is Medicare ( Australia )?

Medicare is a Universal Health Care System Funded by the Australian and operated by the Australian Department of Human Services. It is the scheme that gives Australian residents access to healthcare. Most taxpayers pay a Medicare Levy of 2% of their taxable income to help fund the program. Thus helping the government to provide and funds primary health care in Australia for the benefits of her citizens as well as permanent residents. Get started with Downloading Express Plus Medicare App Now.

Consequently, Express Plus Medicare App is Mobile Application developed to help citizens and beneficiaries of Medicare access your their Medicare information and complete a range of services using their mobile device.

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Below are some of the things you can complete with Express plus Medicare App

  • You can use the app to do a range of things 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You can View your Medicare card details and current card members.
  • With the Application, you can Update contact details should you have emergency.
  • It allows you to Update and upload your bank account details.
  • Order a replacement or duplicate Medicare card.
  • Submit claims for most services.
  • View, download, print or email your Medicare Claims History statements for the last 3 years.
  • You can also View your Medicare Safety Net balance.
  • View, download, print or email Immunization History Statements for yourself and your child under the age of 14.Request a new Australian Organ Donor Register card.
  • Lastly you can View a digital copy of your Australian Organ Donor Register card.

This just but a few of what you can do with the Mobile Application.

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How to Download the Express Plus Medicare mobile app to your device

The app is available for download in several mobile devices platfrom.

To download the Application for your Apple or Iphone device, please Click Here or click on the image below:

Download an Express Plus mobile app from the App Store

To download the Application for your Android device, please Click Here or Click or click on the image below:

Download an Express Plus mobile app from Google Play

Finally, to download the Application for other devices platforms, please Click Here

After Downloading the App, Follow this actions below to Login.

  • Lunch the Application
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Sign in with your myGov username and password.
  • Answer your secret question to set up your 4 digit PIN.

Note: It’s important you don’t store your PIN on your mobile device. This is for your safety if you lose your mobile device. If you think someone else has used your details without your knowledge, call Medicare general enquiries.

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How to Register for Australia Medicare Scheme

Before you can register for the Australia Medicare Scheme, you must first create myGov Account and then link same to your Medicare Account. To create an account, please click Here myGov.

But lets assume that you already have an account. Below is how to register and link your your Medicare with your myGovAccount.

  • After creating your myGov Account, Select Services and then Medicare.
  • Choose the option right for you:
    • I have an online account with Medicare
    • Or I don’t have an online account with Medicare
    • I have a linking code
  • complete the extra information that shall be required of you.
  • Finally, if you carefully followed the guides above and the once that may you maybe ask you, then you are good to go.

However, if you need help creating your myGov Account and linking same with the Express Medicare App, You can :

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Finally, We hope this article was helpful? However, if there is any other information you need, please kindly contact us via the comment box below.



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