The purpose of this article is to teach you about Cupid Dating Site Login, How to sign up for and How to Recover Login Password. So if this looks like what you are looking for, then read on.

About is one of the oldest online dating websites. Its coverage extend across the globe. Initially, targeted United States, UK, Australia, and Canada markets but today, has more than 8 million active users.

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Why Online Dating | Cupid Dating Site Login

Romance and friendship can be difficult to find if you don’t know how and why to find them. Hence the purpose of Online Dating. Online dating gives you the opportunity to hook up with different categories of persons searching for love the same way you do. Another reason why we encourage Online dating is that some person are less shy when chatting online with the person they love. thus, Cupid has come to help bridge the gap.
So if you are looking for Love in an easy way, provides a way forward for your search.

Why is the Best is unique because of its ability to match simple ladies and men together based on their interest. This means that the site match people together based on the circle of interest, like and dislike. the site does not just bring random person to you. Cupid makes sure it brings your spake around.
furthermore, Cupid is very large and populated therefore giving large range to make your choice.

Finally, the secrecy and privacy of cupid is second to non.

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How to Get Started with Cupid Online Dating

To set up Cupid Online Dating Account is very fast and easy. It is all free to sign up However, the only condition is that you must honestly fill out your personally profile information when doing so. This is because the Love, romance and friendship built at Cupid are honest based. So be original and don’t deceive your prospective lovers.

Steps to cupid sign up

Do you want to find love on Cupid Online Sign, Kindly follow the steps below:

  • To get started, Visit
  • The “Sign up for free” box will immediately open
  • You can either choose to sign up with your Facebook or do normal sign up.
  • For Facebook sign up, Kindly Click on the “Connect with Facebook” Tab to begin with the process.
  • For normal sign up, Select your gender and the gender you are looking for. eg (I am a man looking for a woman)
  • Select your age
  • Enter your Email Address and your Preferred Password.
  • Select where you live
  • Finally, Click on the “JOIN NOW” button to register you.

After this, Follow the subsequent guides to complete your Cupid Sign Up. Then you can Browse the large database of the singles waiting for you!

Cupid Dating Site Login | How to Sign into

If you already have an account with, then follow the guides below to sign in immediately.

  • Proceed to
  • Click on the Login Icon at the Top right hand corner of the website
  • Enter your Email or Mobile Number in the Login page that will appear
  • Also enter your Password and Click the “LOG IN” tab.

Note: If the details you entered are correct, you will be immediately be directed to your account.

How to Recover Cupid Dating Site Login Password.

As i stated above, if the login details you entered are correct, then you will be logged into your account. But when they are wrong, you may be denied access to your Account. So we recommend a Password reset.

Kindly follow the guides below to reset your Login Password.

  • Proceed to
  • Click on the “Login Icon” at the Top right hand corner of the website
  • Scroll down a little and Click on the “Forgot Password” tab.
  • Enter your valid Email Address in the column provided for you. This is the email used to open the Account.
  • Then click on the ” SEND PASSWORD” Tab.

If the Email Address you provided is valid, you will get an email containing a password reset link. Kindly follow the next procedure to recover your Password.

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This will be all for now. We thank you for reading our article today on Cupid Dating Site Login.

However, if you still have questions, kindly make use of the comment box below.


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