City of Houston Water Bill Payment – I Can’t Pay Bill Guide

Today we shall be discussing about the Houston Water Bill Payment Guide. We will take you through the processes of Making your Water Bill Payment. We shall also guide you on what you can do if You are finding it difficult paying your City of Houston Water Bill.

Presently, The City of Houston Water Department has advanced in theway they provide their services. They created an online platform that gives online access to past usage, previous bills, customer service and online bill pay. The water company are primarily concerned with provided the waters needs of the residents of Houston, TX.

Houston Water Bill Payment

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How to Pay Your City of Houston Water Bills

In this phase of this article, we shall discuss the various means through which you can pay your City of Houston Water Bills at your own very convenience.

1. Payment Via Quick Pay:

Currently, you can easily pay City of Houston Water bill online from anywhere vide the QuickPay service. To do this, quickly use this link here to make the payment immediately at

Note that you will be asked to provide your account number to make payment. The side attraction is that you do not need any registration process to make the payment with QuickPay.

2. Payment by Mail

You can also make payment to the City of Houston Water Bill through their mailing address. Kindly use the mailing address below to to make your payment as fast as possible:

City of Houston
Attn: Water Department
PO Box 1562
Houston, TX 77251

3. Overnight Payment through Mail:

If you have been using the The City of Houston Water Services, you must have been familiar with Overnight payment by mail. To make overnight payment, you will have to use the physical address for the City of Houston water department. Kindly find the address below:

City of Houston
Attn: Water Department
901 Bagby
Houston, TX 77002

4. Payment by Phone

Payment can be made over the phone. To do this, kindly contact the City of Houston Water Service to make the payment. Below is the contact number to call: 1-713-371-1265.

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Are There Penalties For Late Payment City Of Houston Water Bill

The answer is obviously yes! The city of Houston water company makes charges on every late payment. However, the only way to avoid the late payment charge is to quickly contact their customer care unit immediately before the due date. You will inform them of your inability to meet up with the payment thereby making a request a payment extension or payment plan. (To make, the call, please quickly Call 1-713-371-1265)

What To Do If You Can’t Make Your Houston Water Bill Payment When Due

The City of Houston provides payment extensions for customers who can’t meet up with payment. This is covered and referred to as payment plans. However, it is adviced that the customers quickly their call customer service as soon as they know they’ll be unable to make payment on-time to prevent late payment fees.

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We are happy you decided to read our article today on Houston Water Bill Payment. We hope that this article was helpful to you. For more questions and contributions, please kindly use the comment box below.


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