Capital One 360 Checking Account is a type of Online Savings Account offered by Capital One Bank Inc. This account type is suite for every kindly of saving account you desire having incentives for individual persons and business owners. It is a fee-free online savings account with a great rate for any savings balance that allows you Save at your own pace while earning 1.00% APY.

360 Checking is a checking account that comes with everything you need for making great savings. Simply Pay your bills, get cash, make deposits, and transfer money–all without the extra monthly fees charge that other bank and Accounts are known for.

Capital one 360 Checking Account

Lastly, Do you want to open and manage your account securely? Then it is very easy. You can simply do this by just logging in on your phone or computer, instead of waiting for the bank to open first.  But in case you need help, We assure that that Capital One customer service support is second to none.

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A Review of on this type of Savings Account.

Below are some reviews on Capital One 360 Account.

  • Free account transfers: With the 360 Account, you can transfer fund from your account to other bank or to a capital bank with zero fee transfer Charge. This will keep keep your savings growing.
  • Account Opening: You can open an account with no minimum balance requirements. But when you finish setting up the account, you will earn a great online savings rate just for having money in the bank.
  • Mobile check deposit: This account allows you to make deposits from anywhere using the Capital one  top rated mobile application. With the online checking Account, your money is just a click away from you. So you can send cash and pay bills just with either your tablet, desktop or smartphone.
  • Monthly Fee: There is a zero monthly fees or charges that is required to keep your account running.
  • Totally Free:   Fee-free means fee-free. The account allows you to make withdrawals of funds at any Capital One or all point ATMs without any penalty. The account also allows you enjoy a zero foreign transaction fees.
  • Deposit and Account are issued: If you fall withing the radar of persons concerned about keeping money safe, Capital One 360 Accounts is best suited for you. This is because all their deposits are FDIC insured.

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How to Open A 360 Saving Checking Account | Sign up Guides

If you’re ready to open a checking account, then lets get started with that.

  • Gather your identification documents

To open your account, you will need two forms of ID and other documents such as a driver’s license, Social Security card, passport or birth certificate. You will also provide a proof of address usually by way of utility bill, mortgage statement, lease or similar document.

Note: You can open your account online. To do this, just enter your personal informations such as Date of birth and your ID number on the Bank Application or Sign up page. Click Here to learn more the required documents to gather.

  • Explore the categories of Low- or no-Fee Accounts

Some bank Account type requires or charges Monthly service charge, maintanance fees and Atm fees. If you want an account that will avoid all these charges and fees, make sure you select the Account that is fee free. Hence the main gist of 360 Checking Account.

  • Open your web browser and connect to Capital 360 Online Savings Account Sign Up page
  • Scroll down and Click on the Open Account Button.
  • You will be asked if you already have a Capital One login?. Tap Yes if you are already a customer of Capital One. But if your new to Capital One Click on No.
  • See Image below for guides:

Capital one 360 Checking Account














Note that which ever Option you select will redirect you to another page.

  • Where you click Yes, Then enter username and password in the space provided to continue.
  • However, if you click on no, You will be redirected to a page where you will begin a fresh Sign up by Providing your personal informations. Kindly Do that and click the ” Now let’s Add money Button” to continue.
  • See Image below for reference.

Capital one 360 Checking Account


















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