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As an American Express Customer or Card Member, you get support from Customer Care Professionals who are specially trained to understand the needs of small business owners and can help you get the help you need immediately. That’s one way American Express delivers their special brand of  Customer Relationship Care service.

Furthermore, as a Card Member, you can reach and contact American Express Support Team anytime through your online account at However, Lets get started with teaching you how to get your help and resolve your issues and questions immediately.

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American express customer care | Way to Reach American Express Support Team

The customer relation of American Express is really second to none. This is because they have one of the best quick response then you can ever think of. To get started, take a look at some of the ways to get help and resolve your issues.

You can contact American Express through the following methods:

  • By Chatting with a Trained Representative.
  • Through Phone Calls
  • By Writing Mail to American Express
  • Through their Social Media handles

Once you’re logged in, look for the “Chat” icon in the bottom corner of the “Home” screen. You can also call us at the phone number on the back of your Card.

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How to contact the  Customer Service by Chat With them

Doy you want to resolve your issue or make your inquiries as fast as possible? then chatting online is the best means to do this.

  • To get started, Please log in using your User ID and Password.
  • Locate the Chart with Us bottom.
  • Kindly click on it to started chatting immediately.


How to contact the  Customer Service via Phone.

  • To call a Customer Support Representative, please dia 1-800-528-4800.  This line is on for 24/7.
  • You can also us this number 1-800-221-9950 for TTY/TDD as well as 1-800-522-1897 for TTY/TDD calls  in New York.

Furthermore if you wish to Apply for Credit Card By Phone, please call this number 1-800-243-3888. The

line is available from 6 AM – 2 AM ET, 7 DAYS.

More so, if you wan to Pay Bill, Kindly call 1-800-472-9297. The line is available 24/7.


How to Contact America Express through Mail.

To get started with contacting American Express through mail, please follow the guides below:

  • For General Inquiries, Please use the address below:

American Express

P.O. Box 981535

El Paso, TX 79998-1535

  • For Bill Payment, please write American Express via the address below:

American Express

P.O. Box 650448

Dallas, TX 75265-0448


How to Contact America Express Customer Care through Social Media.

Because of the increase in the rise of Social media, American Express has decided to take their customer service to the social media. So if you want to contact American Express via social media, please follow the guides below:

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