Visual Studio 2019 New Features | Visual Studio for Mac

As it is in the nature of Microsoft to run update and add new features to their products, Visual Study is not without exception. Thus, This year 2019, Visual Studio New Features was introduced Microsoft to better experience of users. One among this features, is that Users of Mac Operating system can now download and install Visual Studio.

Visual Studio is an integrated development environment of Microsoft used to build computer programs, Mobile applications, websites as well as web applications and services.

Visual studio Development Environment is among the oldest IDEs as well as the most popular. Furthermore, among word class developers, Visual Studio ranks among the top used. This is because it has a more matured working environment and a user friendly interface.

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The Amazing New Features Visual Studio 2019.

Below are the Features of Visual Studio 2019

A better User Interface

One of the new feature of Visual Studio 2019 is the introduction of a new Startup Menu that show immediately you lunch the IDE.
What is interesting is the fact that you can view and monitor an existing project from a Repository or create a new project. This feature was not exposed immediately on Visual Studio 2017.


New Code Cleanup Option

If you wan to clean up your code to maintain consistency of style, you need not rely on Third party tool like Resharper again. Thus, with Visual Studio 2019, Microsoft has bridged the gap. You can now perform this action by using a simple Keyboard shortcut through the Light-bulb menu. You can now use it to remove, sort, apply preference just in a single go.

Thus, he code clean up tool in Visual Studio 2019 is an upgrade and a step above 2017 Visual Studio. It has replaced the Resharper Tool.

Better Search Options

Part of the new features of Visual Studio is the upgraded Search Functionality Tool. This allow users to skim and locate what they are looking for in just a go. Thus, while Debugging, developers can still use the search tool in more than 9 nesting levels.
For instance, Once you make a search, Visual Studio 2019 automatically, highlights objects that contains the Fileforum and meets the Search Criteria. This makes it easy for you to locate than as it were with 2017 Visual Studio.


.Net Core 3 Support Option.

According to Microsoft, Visual studio 2019 is the first version of IDE to have out of the box .Net Core 3 support. Microsoft has introduced support for setting data breakpoints. This means that a breakpoint will only be hit when the property you want to inspect — like a collection’s Count — changes.

This feature was only available to developers who uses C++ for programming. However, with Visual Studio 2019, this is no longer the same.

Visual Studio for Mac Operation system Users.

Previously, users of Mac operating system could not download and use Visual Studio. But the New Features of Visual Studio 2019 now accommodates Mac users. This means that Mac users can now download and install Visual Studio. This is a great introduction as new feature.

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