Ally CashBack Credit Card Application Review | Ally Credit Card Review

The Ally Bank offers discounts, bonus points and rewards when you make land / online transactions and pay bill with Ally CashBack Credit Card. So this credit card will definitely be a good choice for anyone who has relatively high daily expenses.

Hence, the purpose of this article is to teach you about the Ally Credit Card Application review as well as  everything you need to know about the Ally Credit Card Score Requirement. Kindly follow us as we show you this things is less than five minutes.

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Ally Credit Card Review | Ally CashBack Credit Card Review

The Ally CashBack Credit Card is a new credit with incentives and good returns on any purchase of gas and grocery items.spending. It has an average welcome bonus with no annual fee credit cards can give you better rewards,

Below are some of the Reviews and Features of the credit card.

  • The Cash Back Credit Card has a Standard APR of 23.99%
  • There is a $0 annual fee charged by the bank
  • A 0% Introductory APR will be charged for the first 12 billing cycles
  • The Card has a 3% or $5 balance transfer fee
  • You have an extra 10% bonus when you deposit rewards in your account
  • The Card has no annual charge associated with it
  • The Credit Card will be very beneficial to those who frequently visit the gas station and grocery stores respectively
  • As a Financial Account holder, the Cash Back Credit Card will suit you best

Some of the disadvantages of Ally CashBack Credit Card

Despite all the advantages of the Ally cash back credit card, there are however still some disadvantages. Below are reviews on the disadvantages.

  • The Cash Back Credit Card will not be the best choice for someone who makes frequent foreign transactions. This because of the 3% foreign transaction fee charge. This makes it makes it a poor choice for international travel.
  • Although there are incentives on gas and grocery purchase, The Credit Card does not really have a high rewards offer.

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Simple Guides to Ally Credit Card Application Review

There are basically two methods of application and they are:

  1. Application through Online
  2. Application through Telephone

To start the Online application process, follow the guides below:

  • On your web browser and visit the Ally Credit Card Application Page :
  • In the first stage, you will enter some Personal details like your Reference Number, Complete Name, Social Security Number and Date of Birth. You will also choose whether you are an Ally Bank Customer or not.
  • In the second stage, you will have to provided the details of your Residential Address which includes Address, city, state, Zip Code and whether or not you are a U.S citizen.
  • The third stage, will require you to provide your Contact Information likes your primary and secondary mobile number and email address
  • In the fourth stage, you will provide Income/Employment details like occupation,annual gross income, your employers name and numbers etc.
  • Finally, the last stage is the Security stage where you will choose your security word.
  • After filling the Application form, Simply click the “Submit ” Button to submit your applications.

See the image below for guidelines: Ally CashBack Credit Card

Furthermore, To apply through Telephone, the customer would need to call them directly at 1-877-247-2559. You will also be required to answer to an (IVR) questions. This will get you an immediate approval.

Finally, if your application is accepted, you will receive a confirmation message.

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